The Rapidcomm Difference

You probably appreciate the benefits that a good Ecommerce store can add to the overall reach and recognition of your brand. But be cognizant of the fact that the most important component of any successful software package is ongoing support. It may be detrimental for your brand to use homemade systems or to engage with individuals who cannot contractually provide vital support in the future. Rapidcomm support is 24/7 and is renowned for its perfection and friendliness.


Rapidcomm solves the three biggest problems:

#1 – Bad fit with existing processes requires expensive customization

#2 – Lack of Ongoing Support

#3 – Difficult to use admin panels

Solution To Problems


Expensive Customization

Business Owners have designed and evolved their own systems over time. New administrators, new thinking and new requirements have always led to modifications in continuous cycle of change. Therefore almost all store owners have different systems and processes, even those in the same area. Rapicomm as a software recognizes this and allows for it. This allows you to tweak Rapidcomm to match your own products offerings and unique system processes.


Lack of Ongoing Support

The main reason Business Owners are not able to keep their store updated is lack of ongoing support. They hire freelancers to create their online store. These freelancers end up charging a money bomb to the store owners and then disappear. This is where Rapidcomm comes into picture, the best Ecommerce Software to manage your store online. We offer ongoing support in terms of print manuals, video tutorials, instant phone & email support.


Difficult to Use Admin Panels

Most Ecommerce software admin panels are difficult to learn and configure, so many store owners don’t use them. Rapidcomm was designed to be easy to use. So simple that anyone with a basic knowledge of computers should be able to use it within 10 minutes.

User Friendly

Amazing Support

Native iOS App

Web Based

24/7 Support

Graphical Reports

Add Useful Filters

No Unnecessary Features


Amazing User Experience

10 Products or 10 Lakh Products – Same Rapidcomm

Automatic SMS and Email Notifications

Modern Web Technologies

Flexible Pricing

Hosted on Cloud Servers


Precise Search

Wide Range of Features


Powerful Customer Chat



No Hidden Fees


Secure Password Management

Well Planned Roadmap

Exclusive Video Tutorials

Affordable Customization

Native Android App


Secure & Reliable

Whitelabel Apps

New Features Autoupgrade

New Modules Every Month


Start Using Rapidcomm in Just 5 Minutes

Intuitive User Interface

Detailed Analytics

Do Great Things

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