Frequently asked questions

Will the website be mobile optimized or responsive?

That is totally dependent on the chosen theme and level of customization in terms of design and development that you get done on your website.

Will the mobile application native or hybrid?

The mobile application will be native purely for both android & iOS.

What if I want a custom design?

Choosing a theme or not is up to you. If you want, we can make a custom design for your e-commerce website at a very affordable charge.

Can I shut down my online store anytime?

Yes you can. Whenever you wish to discontinue, you can close the store and let us know. You no more need to continue paying the AMC.

Can I add any new functionality in website or in mobile application?

Yes you can.  If you want, we can add new functionality as per your requirement at very affordable charges.

What if I have no staff to add product entries?

We will outsource the persons to add the products to your stores at  a very nominal charge.